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An important prerequisite for obtaining a high yield of a crop is to ensure optimal nutritional area for each plant in the crop. The realization of this condition depends mainly on the quality of bolting, and in particular of the longitudinal uniformity of seed sowing. At present, the sowing of rape is done with drills for cereals, which can not fully satisfy the requirement for longitudinal evenness of seeding in this culture.

This results in incomplete use of the resource of the soil and of the genetic potential of the seeds, and the result is to obtain a low yield It is known that on the longitudinal uniformity of sowing influenced by several factors, in this case is given special attention to the distance between the end of the cord and the furrow. After preliminary analysis attempts set the distance between the cord and the groove is 10, 20 and 30mm on each of which is sought intersection between two indicators characterizing the uniformity of seeding. These indicators are the average number of seeds in the section and number of sections with an average number of seeds on which the best result is obtained at a distance of 10mm, where the intersection pochazva frequency performance more than 50%. Submitted test data show that the use sowing machine supports sustainable set sowing rate in each of the trials.


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