• 1 Казахский агротехнический университет им. С.Сейфуллина, Астана, Республика Казахстан
  • 2 Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт механизации сельского хозяйства, Москва, Российская Федерация


The existing sowing systems (SS) of machines for application of fertilizers not fully provide quality of introduction of mineral fertilizers. Unevenness and instability of application of fertilizers reach 20-40% at demanded to 15%. It, first of all, is connected with hygro-scopicity of fertilizers and imperfection of SS. For ensuring necessary quality of distribution of mineral fertilizers across the field at their intra soil differentiated introduction SS, equipped with glow coil of original design. is offered. Pins of the coil are executed in the form of the tetrahedral truncated pyramids located on crossing right and left of screw lines on a coil surface. Flow rate of SS was regulated with the help of the executive mechanism with the linear actuator and a reducer modified for work with the block of control and management accord-ing to the prescription map. Researches were conducted on purpose: estimating of operability of new SS, with the new drive for change of frequency of rotation of the coil; establishments of functional dependences between flow rate of SS, i.e. ability to provide its necessary range of change of doses at the differentiated introduction of fertilizers; estimates of quality of work of experimental SS for the differentiated intro-duction of mineral fertilizers. Researches were carried out as in laboratory, and field conditions. Functional dependence of flow rate of SS on number of turns of coils is received. It is established also that flow rate of SS directly depends on percent of opening of the actuator and frequency of rotation of the sowing coil. It is established that at SS with the three experimental coil devices – unevenness of seeding between devices makes 4.5%. Instability of seeding doesn’t exceed 3%. The maximum values of unevenness of seeding between 3 sowing devices and instability of seeding between replications are received when opening of the actuator was 40%, and frequency of rotation – 22 rpm, which nevertheless, also meet requirements for the sowing systems.


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