Optimization of tribological parameters in the design of rotary tiller blades

  • 1 Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania
  • 2 Agricultural Machinery Station of Fier, Albania


The argument of this paper is rotary the tiller blade, which undergoes severe surface wear during tillage of agricultural land. The study was conducted by comparing on H-shaped blades, of two different manufacturers, used in rotary tillers, mainly in the fields of Myzeqe, Lushnje. Our tests included the measurement of the abrasive wearing as weight loss of material of each blade to the end of lifecycle – recorded after every 10 hectares cultivated surface in field conditions. We experimented in laboratory the blade wearing through ‘pin on disk’ test. Another tribological parameter measured in the laboratory was the hardness in Vickers on cutting edge of the blade, before and after wearing. To make the targeted optimization, we initially computed a stressed situation on the blade cutting edge, and then processed through the SOLIDWORKS software, which generates a map of more stressed areas that lead to significant wear. By simulating with geometric parameters of tiller blades, we have sought the situation of stresses with less impact on wearing of tiller blades. This paper is also includes relevant recommendations.



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