Evaluation of work quality based on the longitudinal irrigation uniformity


This article presents results of quality measurement of hose reel irrigation systems in farms dealing with cabbage and grain maize cultivation. Two hose reel irrigation machines RM 570 GX (with different manufacture dates 2001 and 2010) were examined in farm SUA, Ltd. Kolíňany. The quality of work, based on value of longitudinal irrigation uniformity, was evaluated from two views. First quality parameter was aimed on correct functioning of irrigation technique from the point of winding hose speed. Second quality parameter was the change of irrigation rate along the hose. Irrigation system RM 570 GX (manufacture date of irrigation machine 2001) achieved the average value of winding hose speed 17.46 m. h-1 (calibrated winding speed 17 m. h-1) and the achieved irrigation uniformity coefficient was Cu = 86.78 %. RM 570 GX (manufacture date of irrigation machine 2010) achieved the average value of winding hose speed 10.26 m. h-1 (calibrated winding speed 10 m. h-1) and the Cu coefficient was 92.85 %. According to Christiansen, the standard value for irrigation uniformity coefficient was Cu 90% or more. Irrigation machine with the date of manufacture 2001 did not reach the desired value, therefore we recommended more frequent inspection and maintenance of irrigation techniques.



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