The pollution of streams and wells

  • 1 Secondary School of Economics and Business Koper, the Slovene Republic


The article presents an example of producing a research paper by students aged between 14 and 15 years. Their research paper focused on examining the pollution of water sources in the vicinity of school. With the help of the colorimetric method we established the concentration of nitrates, nitrites, ammonium ions and phosphates as well as the pH value. In the National Laboratory of Health, Environment and Food they took care of the microbiological analysis of water. We found out that none of the samples were in compliance  with the standards of the sanitary quality of water as regards their microbiological attributes. Nonetheless, chemical water attributes did not exceed the permitted levels set by regulations for potable water.
However, all of the analysed water samples could be used for irrigation and the watering of those plants that are further processed.



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