Monitoring of the drained soils, Russian plain

  • 1 Soil Science Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University – Moscow, Russia


Main features of water region of Umbric Albeluvisols Abruptic and Gleyic Albeluvisols Abruptic displaying different rate in years with different moisturizing were studied. Two layers of surface water appear in soils in spring and fall, hence, the fields are decreased or crops die. Drainage is shown to eliminate surface water. Plastic drainage causes more intensive drainage effect than ceramic trench drainage in wet years. Drainage leads to an increase in specific surface area, total soil porosity, number of water stable aggregates, including those in the lower horizons, distribution of forms of iron compounds. Favorable conditions for the cultivation of crops, especially for grain crops, are formed on drained soils of the Nonchernozem region. Drainage exerted effect on the fractional and chemical composition and lignin of soils and Fe-Mn concretions.



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