Production of environmentally safe low-stalk agricultural raw materials using the bridge assembly

  • 1 AkakiTsereteli state University - Kutaisi, Georgia


The article considers the use of the bridge assemblies (BA) for low-stalk crop tending and growing, which comprises all the necessary agricultural machinery (soil cultivation, sowing-planting, weeding, overhead irrigation, etc.)
The bridge assembly (BA) is the open ground-mounted power-generating equipment plant operating on stationary ground-based electricity, in which the double-stream power consumption take place, one while moving the BA itself in the V1 direction, and the other one while moving the process module (PM) in the V2 direction. The mechanical characteristic of one of the engines has been constructed. The features of the operating modes in the processes of unloading and braking (resistance growth) are discussed and the permissible torque moments required for reliable operation are determined.



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