Features of calculation of agricultural machines trailed devices in pedagogical technologies of training agricultural engineers for innovative design activities

  • 1 Ukraine, Vinnytsia National Agricultural University


The scientific-technical and pedagogical-methodological model of preparation of future specialists in agroengineering for innovative project activity on the basis of studying of agricultural machines on modern technologies of training, deepening of scientific activity of students based on features of calculation of trailers which are used in machine-tractor units has been developed. An equivalent calculation scheme of a technical system consisting of a wheeled tractor as an energy propulsion and a trailer is given. Such theoreticalcalculative material is used in institutions of higher education of general and professional competencies of future specialists of agroindustrial production. It is noted that the preparation of future agricultural engineers for innovative project activities is carried out in accordance with industry standards and the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education”. The influence of end-to-end project training on students’ readiness to perform scientific and practical tasks has been studied. The condition under which there will be no overloading of front wheels of the machine from its working bodies is substantiated, and ecologically admissible pressure on the ground will remain the same.



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