Research on reducing the impact of sloshing on the walls of a liquid manure tank of partially filled in a braking manoeuver

  • 1 INMA Bucharest, Testing Department, Romania
  • 2 University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Biotechnical System Department, Romania


The appearance of violent liquid sloshing on the walls of the tank can cause great problems to those who handle these liquid manure tank that spread coarse residues from animal farms. This violent sloshing occurs when the tank is partially filled with liquid product. This movement of the liquid inside the tank imposes pressure along the walls when the tank is not full, thus causing instability on the entire structure during its movement on agricultural land. In this work was used a tanker that transports and spreads on the ground animal manure from a cattle farm. The modelling of the tank was done with the Solidworks program and the numerical analysis of the impact of the liquid tension distributions on the tank through with Ansys-CFX. The tanker moves at a constant speed (v=5m/s), after which it is subjected to a braking manoeuver. In this paper is analyzed behaviour and effect the impact of tensions distribution on the walls of the tank, when it has or does not have baffles.



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