Influence of different forms of sulphur fertilizers on the content of mineral nitrogen in the soil and productivity of winter wheat

  • 1 Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, Lithuania
  • 2 UAB “Agrodema”, Lithuania


The research was performed in 2019-2020 LAMMC at Rumokai Experimental Station of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry. The soil was calcaric luvisol, the granulometric composition was a silt loam on clay Winter wheat, after resumption of vegetation fertilized UAN-32 (control), Leader 24-6 and KAS-32 + Thio-Sul (N12S26). Nitrogen active substance: 60 + 60 + 30. Mineral nitrogen in the soil was investigated twice: during the grain milk stage of wheat and after harvest. In the grain milk stage in 2019 Leader 24-6 reduced mineral nitrogen by 6.7-47.6 %, UAN-32 + Thio-Sul – 21.6-28.7 %. 2020 – 58.0-42.3 % and 26.3-19.8 % (depending on the number of uses). After harvesting, mineral nitrogen was found in the fields where sulfur fertilizers were used 5.13-49.2 % less than in the control fields. The use of Thio-Sul had a positive effect on protein content.



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