Application of the methods of theories of similarity and planning of multifactorial experiments to study the hardness of iron-nickel coatings

  • 1 Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia, Georgian Agrarian University, Georgia
  • 2 Academician of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Georgia
  • 3 Center of the Ministry of Environment, Protection and Agriculture of Georgia


The hardness of iron-nickel coatings during the restoration of worn parts is an important factor determining the service life of machines. This mechanical property depends on many factors, the simultaneous influence of which cannot be taken into account in conventional experiments. Therefore, we have made an attempt to simultaneously use the complex methods of similarity theories and planning multifactorial experiments to study the hardness of iron-nickel coatings. The composition of the electrolyte was obtained by us with a copyright certificate for the invention No. 700568, Moscow, 1989, Katsitadze J.V.,. Kikabidze D . N . “Electrolyte for obtaining plated iron-nickel alloy”. This approach to the issue allows taking into account the simultaneous influence of a large number of factors on the optimization parameter, obtaining reliable and reasonable results in the form of regression equations, optimizing the process of restoring machine parts with an iron-nickel electrolytic alloy and generalizing the results obtained.
In the article, the influence of technological similarity criteria on the hardness of iron-nickel coatings is explored, the response function is obtained depending on the dimensionless similarity criteria and the corresponding mathematical model is used to carry out targeted experiments according to the Box-Benkin plan. As a result of mathematical processing of the obtained data, an adequate regression equation was derived, according to which the optimal electrolyte composition and electrolysis conditions have been



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