Characterization of lettuce germplasm (Lactuca sativa L.) stored in the Genetic Bank of Albania

  • 1 Institute of Plant Genetic Resources, Agricultural University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania


Lettuce is an important leafy vegetable for Albanians. It is mostly used as a fresh salad. There are several forms (species) of lettuce that are cultivated in Albania, but Albanian farmers cultivate and market mostly the farmer’s cultivars (landraces), which are cultivars adapted to the conditions of the country and to the farming practice of the farmer. The introduction of foreign lettuce species increases the risk of genetic erosion of the farmer’s cultivars. Through various projects, cultivars of the salad farmer have been collected and their seeds are stored in the country’s Genetic Bank. This study was undertaken to recognize the morphological characteristics, as well as to evaluate the genetic variation of these genotypes with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of their using in possible genetic improvement programs, as well as other studies. In the study, 10 accessions (farmer cultivars) collected in different areas of Albania and stored in the Genetic Bank were taken.



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