Combined unit of small mechanization, experimental calculations and its advantages

  • 1 Scientific-Research Center of Agriculture of Georgia. Tbilisi, Georgia


The article discusses the designs of small-scale mechanization technical means that are used in Georgia, namely, agricultural machinery installed on moto blocks, the scale and advantages of their use compared to powerful machinery and based on a patent (No. AP 2020 15395), completely new combined aggregate is presented as part of a moto block, which is currently in demand in the context of the development of modern technologies for growing crops on the market. In particular, in small areas and greenhouses. The article proposes a constructive description of the presented combined aggregate and the principles of its operation. Theoretical waste was also carried out using similarity and dimensionality theories. The functional relationship between the optimization parameters and the operating factors is determined and the regression equation is selected, on the basis of which the optimal operating modes are determined.



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