Research and justification of automated monitoring of the microclimate of a farmer’s greenhouse

  • 1 of Technical Sciences, Professor, Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
  • 2 Doctoral student of Kazakh National Agrarian Research University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan


This article is a logical development of a previously implemented scientific project on the topic “Development of energy-saving technology for year-round production and processing of fruit and vegetable products based on multifunctional solar dryers-greenhouses” (State Registration No. 0111RK00488, inv. No. 0212RK01775, for 2012-2015, the amount of funding is 40 million tenge) under the budget program 055 “scientific and/or scientific and technical activities, subprogram 100 “Program-targeted financing, under the program “Targeted development of university science focused on innovative results”.
Goal. Substantiation and development of a system of automated remote monitoring of the microclimate (lighting) of a farmer’s greenhouse, providing the most comfortable conditions for the growth and development of plants in the production of fruit and vegetable products using information technology to obtain a high yield of products at the lowest cost.
In winter, cultivated plants experience stress from a lack of natural light, which leads to a significant decrease in yield. In this regard, additional artificial lighting in the greenhouse allows the producer to extend the growing season and grow plants all year round or allows the producer to start sowing in early spring and continue the season until the first frost. Plants need about 10-12 hours of light to improve growth. When growing flowers or fruits, the additional need for light per day increases to 16 hours (5).
At the same time, the automation of this process will eliminate the concern that the lighting is in order and during its absence displays monitoring data on the display, or with the help of LEDs notifies about critical values of climatic parameters, or transmits data via the Internet to a tablet or phone for subsequent decision-making.
The article is aimed at meeting the demand of the population, farmers in the purchase of equipment adapted to local conditions, cheaper in cost and installation compared to analogues. The equipment attracts with its ease of manufacture and further operation.



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