Comparative analysis of three varieties of apple plantings grown on cinnamon forest soil in the area of Kremikovtsi, Sofia

  • 1 Institute of Soil Science, Agrotechnologies and Plant Protection "N. Pushkarov", Agricultural Academy of Bulgaria, Sofia.


In 2020 – 2021, on the territory of the experimental field “Chelopechene” of ISSAPP “N. Poushkarov” an experimental trial was conducted with three varieties of apple plantations, the Florina variety, Zlatna Prevazhodna and Granny Smith, created in 2017. The soil in the research area is leached Cinnamon forest. Three variants of different varieties of apples were studied – T1 – variety Florina, T2 – variety Zlatna Prevazhodna and – T3 – variety Granny Smith under irrigation conditions with maintenance of pre-irrigation humidity 70% of the FC. In terms of precipitation, both years are very dry with a guarantee of 95.67% (2020) and 94.07% (2021). For 2020 on average, during the vegetation period of the apple plantation in the infancy period, to maintain the soil moisture in the range of 70% of FC to 100% of FC, it was necessary to apply 10 watering rates with an irrigation rate of 380 mm, and for 2021. 12 watering cans with an irrigation rate of 510 mm. During the years under review, different yields from the apple plantations were established. The highest yield was found in Florina variety, which was 431% higher compared to Granny Smith variety in third variant T3
Main objective: Establishing the most favorable variety of apples (from three different varieties) grown on leached Cinnamon forest soil for
the Kremikovtsi region under different water-saving technologies.



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