Experimental studies of a wheeled tractor running on alternative fuel

  • 1 Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Ukraine


The results of experimental studies of a wheeled tractor with a diesel engine converted into a spark-ignition gas engine are presented. The D-243 diesel engine was converted into a spark-ignition gas engine for operation on natural gas, and its bench tests were conducted, confirming its operational capability and demonstrating good performance indicators. It was found that the total toxicity, reduced to carbon oxide, of the gas engine is 1.9 times lower than that of the diesel engine. This is particularly important when using the vehicle for technological purposes, as it can operate indoors in this case. Using the same technology and components, the MTZ-80 tractor was also converted for operation on gas fuels. Road tests were conducted, and certain operating parameters were investigated: engine crankshaft rotation frequency, intake manifold pressure, throttle valve opening angle of the air-fuel mixer, and the rotation frequency of the vehicle’s driving wheel, which can determine its speed. The obtained data were used to verify the adequacy of the mathematical model of the tractor’s movement during the driving cycle.



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