Investigation of the cooling system in the poultry house using cfd

  • 1 National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


A new method of cooling the outside air in ventilation systems of poultry houses is proposed, based on the use of water from underground wells and heat exchangers of recuperators for cooling the supply air.
Numerical modeling of aerodynamics and heat transfer processes in poultry houses at tunnel ventilation system was performed. As a result of numerous calculations the distribution of temperatures, velocities and pressures in the air environment of a poultry house has been obtained. The use of heat exchangers for cooling the supply air allows to maintain its temperature at the level of +20-25 ℃ and to reduce the indicators of moisture content in poultry houses, which are high when using cassette methods or water spraying with nozzles for cooling the supply air.
As a result of the numerous studies conducted, it is recommended to increase the air flow rate by including a third exhaust fan located on the top line of the end rear wall. This will allow for a more uniform temperature distribution in the house.



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