Cognitive styles affecting the performance of research and development (R&D) employees in the era of Industry 4.0

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 5, pg(s) 203-205

    Cognitive style is how people think, based on certain attitudes, perceptions and personality orientations. Cognitive styles are considered as basic elements for successful performance. Cognitive style is thought to predict performance in two ways: by allowing employees to quickly learn job-related knowledge and by processing information resulting in better decision making. But cognitive styles have received much less attention than they deserve, given their importance to employee’s functioning. The relationship between cognitive style and performance is not completely understood in scientific research. In this context, the thinking styles and performances of people working in Research and Development (R & D) departments such as other work places are determined by these cognitive styles, and it is important to research this in the era of Industry 4.0.

  • Generational motivation differences at the R&D centers: Gen Y and Gen Z

    Innovations, Vol. 7 (2019), Issue 2, pg(s) 50-53

    There often seem to be differences in work values between employees (and managers) who are from different generation. There has been a continuing debate about the extent to which Gen Yers and Zers are motivated by similar values and processes as those from earlier generations, who were already in the workplace when earlier studies were conducted. An associated question might be whether Gen Yers (many of whom are now working as junior and middle managers) and Zers that work on R&D center subscribe to similar motivational techniques and theories as those managers who were born in an earlier generation. Although there has been a great deal of speculation and opinion regarding the motivation of the Generation Y and Z that work on R&D center, there has been relatively little formal research.