Overview of the potential of Mobility as a Service

    Trans Motauto World, Vol. 6 (2021), Issue 3, pg(s) 88-91

    Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a solution, which unites travel services by integrating multimodal route planning, reservation, payment, and ticketing options. MaaS development mainly focus on the provision of a user-centered, intelligent, and personalized urban solution with the cooperation of public and private transportation service providers. The main point of the concept is that a new actor, the MaaS operator, is being established between the transportation service and the user. The establishment of the MaaS concept might happen on different integration levels. Examining the international market, the applications in the comparison do not differ to a great extent. The basis of the realization when developing MaaS is the provision of a high level of service with real time route planning and electronic payment for public transport services. There is a huge interest of providing a suitable MaaS solution by overcoming the technological challenges, by setting of business models, and by examining its applicability in a real-world environment.