Design of irrigation systems for gardens by alternating greywater and well water

    Mechanization in agriculture & Conserving of the resources, Vol. 65 (2019), Issue 5, pg(s) 167-170

    Water is the basic source of life for plants, animals, and humans. However, the impact of climate change drastically reduces its sources. Rational consumption of clean water leads to the need for finding alternative water sources for irrigation of gardens. As an alternative source, greywater can play an important role. Greywater is waste water from households, which does not contain faecal compounds. The aim of this paper to present design concepts of systems for collecting, purifying and application of greywater and well water for irrigation of gardens. The concept is developed using previous own research results, as well as available literature, on the benefits and risks of using greywater, and the effects of purifying greywater and well water through various treatment systems. The paper presents two systems: (1) a system which allows the storage and irrigation using raw greywater and (2) a system where greywater supply is not continuous. The second system is suitable not only for households but also for other facilities, e.g. touristic, recreational and weekend resorts. This system proposes alternate irrigation with grey and well water for resolving two problems: inappropriate greywater quality and inappropriate water quantity. In general, the system reduces the risk of soil degradation and is water saving by automatically adjusting irrigation with regard to the soil moisture content.