• Control of spatial characteristics of the ribbon-shaped electron stream in the process of processing optical coverings of optoelectronics products

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 12 (2018), Issue 10, pg(s) 398-401

    The paper develops a methodology for controlling the spatial characteristics of a ribbon-shaped electron stream by determining the width of the low-energy ribbon-shaped electron stream and its concentration coefficient as a function of the distance of the electron gun to the processing object and the subsequent highly effective adjustment of the electron-optical system of the electron gun with a ribbonshaped stream shape during processing of optical coatings of optoelectronics products. It is established that the dependence of the width of the electron stream and the coefficient of its concentration at different distances from the object are nonlinear. The possibility of controlling the electron stream by adjusting the specific power and the distance to the processed object directly during the processing is shown, which allows qualitatively improving the metrological indexes of the processed articles: increase the accuracy of processing by 3-5%, the convergence of the results – by 15-18%, and also increase the stability of the parameters of the electron stream 1,6-2,1 times.