Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 9 (2015), Issue 12, pg(s) 56-59

    The efficiency of V-belt drives is determined by several factors collectively: the slip occurring during drive transmission, the external friction occurring when the belt enters and exits the pulley as well as the hysteresis loss resulting from inner friction. Main objective of this paper is analyzing the temperature conditions of V-belt by infrared thermal camera depending on various belt pulley parallel and angle misalignment. A certain V-belt cross section was analyzed on a self developed test equipment in various belt pulley parallel and angle misalignment. It was stated that the temperature increase of V-belt is influenced by the geometrical misalignment. In this study an experimental method was developed to define the V-belt temperature increase in function of belt pulley parallel and angle misalignment. On the bases of the test results optimal parameters can be calculated that serve as beneficial references for designing and tuning V-belt drives.