Trans Motauto World, Vol. 1 (2016), Issue 1, pg(s) 22-25

    This paper comprises an analysis of an automotive industry company in order to identify whether it has an effective quality assurance system, by monitoring the manner business processes are managed (identification, documentation and control) and whether system efficiency documentation has been developed. The application of different standards/systems for: quality, environment, employee health and safety, corporative social responsibility, food products safety, etc., requires new manager proactive management style and system orientation, as well as reengineering of business processes. However, for successful operation, it is not enough to develop a system that will provide designed quality, but also the costs to implement business processes are significant. In this paper, by applying the Pareto method for detection of points where most defects occur, the Ishikawa approach which reveals the causes of errors, checklists, as well as the Quick Response Quick Control methodologies; 8D (Eight disciplines); PFMEA, the business processes for procurement of raw and repro materials was optimized. The obtained results show that the implementation of these methodologies to optimize business processes leads to the defined quality and better productivity at the lowest costs in operation.