Educational counseling in Romania and Turkey – comparative aspects

    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 6 (2021), Issue 1, pg(s) 24-26

    Educational counseling, an integral part of the educator-educated pedagogical correlation, is constituted as a means of selfknowledge and development of the student’s personality. It is a special experience of communication and search, a way to optimize interpersonal relationships, to learn positive behavioral and attitudinal models, a way to support students who face educational, emotional, social difficulties. It is an important factor in preventing difficulties that can hinder the mental development of the student – difficulties in communication, behavior, school adaptation, physical, emotional and mental health etc. The present study proposes a analysis on the specific aspects of educational counseling in Romania and Turkey. The study presents the following analysis criteria: institutions that coordinate the activity of educational counseling; objectives of educational counseling; services provided; topics covered; methods of work.