Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 12 (2018), Issue 3, pg(s) 121-123

    Perfection of methods of footwear production technology through the use of computer-aided design systems allows to develop production technology, to supply consumers with high-quality and comfortable footwear. At the stage of development of design and design documentation for a new model of footwear, there are a number of difficulties, the formalization of which using computer graphics tools would significantly reduce the subjectivity of the designer’s design decisions or free it from performing the same procedures. In the framework of the research known algorithms for vectorizing the drawing were considered, on the basis of which a new method using a set of apertures appropriate for the drawings of the upper parts of the shoe was proposed.

    The results of the research were – formulated requirements for the "Digitization" module; its structural and logical scheme, allowing automated input of information about drawings of designs of the uppers shoes in CAD; structural and logical scheme of a topological algorithm that allows vectorizing drawings of the uppers shoe in accordance with the set of apertures.

    The calculation of material costs for the design of footwear was also carried out, which showed the economic efficiency from the introduction of the proposed method into production.