• Innovation potential of augmented technologies in industrial context

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 1, pg(s) 24-28

    The goal of this paper is to provide a resource that can be used by the Augmented Reality research community and practitioners to understand the most recent potentials for application of the innovative Augmented Reality technology in various industry. Firstly, it is described mainly the role of the Augmented Reality in logistics and maintenance. Secondly, the paper provides an overview of research papers in the period 2008-2018 in the field of Augmented Reality for facilitating and supporting industrial applications.
    By efforts of research, review and classification the author outlines both opportunities and challenges for spreading the Augmented Reality applications in smart manufacturing environments that will provide the baseline for further discussion and research in this direction.
    Presenting this survey the author aims at creating an active community that further discusses the future development of Augmented Reality particularly in Supply Chain Management. Future steps will be taken in research workshops and online community work.