• Geoinformation analysis within the objectives of waste management systems construction

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 3 (2018), Issue 4, pg(s) 180-185

    This article compiles different features of waste management systems, as well as its practical implementation in Mathematic and Geoinformation analysis. Technological basis of information support of waste management and its indicators, such as adverse impact on the natural environment and human health and territorial features of the risk caused by long-term negative impact on the environment and public health, are presented. Population, economy, and environment in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia are strongly affected by thorough decisions made by authorities in the field of waste management, that are: finding places for storage, recycling, and subsequent distribution of waste and its derivatives, that also includes taking measures to influence people’s understanding of dealing with waste and environmental problems. In this paper, the focal point is the technology of mathematical-geoinformation modelling, the basis of which, as applied to waste management problems, is a system combination of geoinformation technologies and mathematical-statistical modelling methods. Approaches to solving the problem of classifying areas of the territorial system by state indicators are presented in the article.