Determination of resistance to motion during operation of belt conveyor

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 15 (2021), Issue 3, pg(s) 86-88

    Belt conveyors play a significant role in the transport of bulk materials due to a number of advantages such as: high capacity, economy, safety and reliability. The belt conveyor for bulk materials was observed in this paper. In order to drive the belt conveyor, the power of the driving electric motor must overcome all the resistances that occur during the transport of materials. The paper presents one of the possible approaches to the method of calculation and selection of belt conveyor parameters. The conveyor travel path was adopted, all resistances to the motion of the belt and materials were defined and the calculation of the total resistance to motion on characteristic transport sections was performed. The influence of conveyor loading and discharge devices, drive mechanism, way of moving the belt over the rollers were taken into account. The general calculation algorithm is presented and a graphical representation of the con veyor assemblies is given for the defined transport route.