Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 9 (2015), Issue 10, pg(s) 9-10

    It is impossible even imagine tourism development without using modern innovative technologies. The modern WEBGIS and Mobile systems allow putting in an absolutely new light the country’s tourist potential.

    The tourist routes, tourist facilities and infrastructures indicated on the digital interactive geo-information map (GIS) with textual and visual (photo, video) information, which are integrated on the tourist web-portal and in the touch-screen devices (cell phones, graphics pads, smart-phones) make the mentioned information available in any country of the world.

    The Center of Geographic Information of Georgia has developed a mobile application “TravelGIS” for the mobile devices operating on the platform of Android and IOS, which have no analog in the world. The mentioned application is designed in three languages (Georgian, English, Russian) and represents the information-communicative means for tourist organizations (companies and tour operators), tourist destinations and for promoting the whole country’s tourist potential. Any interested person can find and select on his own cell phone the information by any desired criteria – country, region, Tourist Company, infrastructure unit, type of tourist services, duration and complexity).