Measurement of vertical soil compaction after barley harvesting

    Mechanization in agriculture & Conserving of the resources, Vol. 67 (2023), Issue 2, pg(s) 64-66

    In Serbia, there are about 400.000 hectares of heavy mechanical composition soil and over 100.000 hectares of soil damaged in various ways. Every year, with different degradation processes, new 1.000 hectares of soil are damaged. From the aspect of physical properties, soil compaction represents a serious problem that leads to changes in physical-mechanical and water-air properties and is one of the main factors of soil degradation. This paper presents the technique of measuring soil compaction on experimental field of 1 hectare using a hand-held penetrometer on operating depth 25cm, along with the geographic location of the sampling points. The data obtained in this research, the method of collecting, processing and displaying that data suggested certain shortcomings of the application of this method for testing soil resistance, as well as the need for a procedure for measuring soil resistance using a continuous method.


    Impact of Industry 4.0 on agricultural industry

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 5 (2020), Issue 4, pg(s) 164-166

    Industry 4.0 represents the newest generation of industry development. Every day the various demands in industry are getting more and more demanding. The demand for shorter production and delivery time, more efficient and automated processes has led us to the Industry 4.0. It is necessary to include and integrate the latest developments based on digital technologies as well as the interoperability process across them. The goals is to enable companies to transmit information in real time in terms of performance and behaviour. Industry 4.0 can be applied to any branch of industry. Agricultural industry is no exception. As far as agricultural machinery is concerned, it is a very important part of agricultural industry. Agricultural machinery incorporates electronic controls and it is a part of digital age, enhancing their current performance. In addition to the electronics, using sensors and drones, supports the data collection of several agriculture key aspects, such as weather, animals and crops behaviour, geographical spatialization, etc. The main tasks are how to apply the right methods and methodologies in order to support a better supply chain decision-making process, how to automate the process and how can Industry 4.0 help a person, who is in agricultural industry, in order to make effective decisions based on objective data.


    Image segmentation of agricultural products using statistical indicators

    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 5 (2020), Issue 3, pg(s) 83-88

    Machine inspection is a mandatory technological process in industrial processing agriculture products. The camera detects color and shape based irregularities of the object resulting in a large number of parameters for decision-making and sorting product compliance. The goal was to discover a new criterion for decision-making using only the output signal of the RGB camera. Research employed the digital images of raspberries, blackberries, peas and yellow beans during real processing, obtained from a color sorter machine. The visual texture of the surface of the agricultural products was described via defined statistical indicators of color (color average value (Avg), standard deviation (Stdv), entropy (E), and lacunarity (L) was used from the sphere of image fractal analysis as one of the criteria. By applying the non-parametric tests: Wilcoxon signed rank and Friedman test, statistically significant difference was established for the L and Е criteria between compliant and non-compliant industrial products.


    Contribution to the implementation of software control for seeding plates

    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 14 (2020), Issue 8, pg(s) 340-343

    Seed plates of all seeding machines for widerow plants are powered by wheel of seeding machine and mechanical transmission. That has impact to volume and possibilitz of stearing.This paper show possibilities of using electromotor for power of seed plates as well as analysis possibylities acting stearing by electro system. In this paper are research measurement system and create stearing by programabil logic controller and shown idea for implementation steering of speed rotating of seed plates. That has aim to go about nominal seed space in row.