• Multi-criteria optimization of tracked vehicle transmissions

    Industry 4.0, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 4, pg(s) 164-166

    The article is devoted to the problem of computer modeling of rational design of tracked vehicle transmissions with multiple criteria. The problems of finding optimal geometric parameters that satisfy several quality criteria. All the complexity of the layout and the relationship of the parameters make difficult their choice, which is simplified when using approaches of mathematical optimization. Using the famous pseudo-random method LPτ-search with the author’s modification made it possible to avoid problems associated with the discreteness and the number of parameters. The main optimization criteria for transmission are minimum center distance, minimum length, minimum mass, and maximum uptime probability. To solve this problem, the problem was formulated and design parameters with constraints were specified, criteria were recorded and a transformation from multicriteria to a single criterion was proposed. The approach is based on analysis of test points that obtained using LPτ-search, and further processing of the information received. The approach of transformation from many criteria to one is proposed by introducing the scale of importance by the designer and assigning the importance of each of the criteria, finding the desired solution for each trial point of relative offset, which is proposed to be used as a unifying criterion. Basic schemes and flowcharts of the algorithm elements are provided. The implementation of the computer model was carried out in the Delphi 7 environment.