Security & Future, Vol. 3 (2019), Issue 4, pg(s) 123-127

    One of the key concepts that expresses essential processes in techno-economic development is the technological way of production. The concept has been forming for a long time. The economic opportunities of the regions are differentiated due to the presence of different geographical, historical, demographic and other factors. The article identifies the author’s concept of “technological security of the region” and the main reason for the state’s technological security. The main provisions for the development of the concept of technological security strategy of the region are proposed. It is determined that the region’s technological security strategy is a long-term plan of action aimed at ensuring the technological interests of the region, finding and creating appropriate reserves to prevent, avoid and eliminate the risks, threats and threats to the development of the region. The mechanism of implementation of the technological security strategy of the region includes state regulators and market institutions, as well as their influence on the processes taking place in the innovation and technological sphere. It is proved that the main purpose of the mechanism of implementation of the technological security strategy of the region is to create conditions with ensuring a high level of technological security and with observance of social, labor and environmental standards for the population of the region. The priority tasks of scientific and technological support for the solution of technological security problems in the region is the innovative policy of both the state and the regions, on the development and application of high technologies, protection of intellectual property rights, creation of human resources of science and knowledge bases subject to state protection. The strategic directions of state regulation of the development of economic and technological potential of the region for ensuring its technological security have been determined.


    Problems of development of production and technological component of the agrarian sector of Ukraine

    Mechanization in agriculture & Conserving of the resources, Vol. 65 (2019), Issue 3, pg(s) 102-105

    In the article, the analysis of condition of production of agricultural products of Ukraine for 2010-2016 studied the dynamics of agricultural production in Ukraine by categories of farms. The basic indicators of activity of agricultural enterprises. Researched logistical support of agricultural enterprises. The dynamics of the availability of agricultural machinery and purchase of domestic agricultural enterprises, new agricultural machinery and equipment. Analyzed the capacities of the agrarian sector, in particular the introduction of the capacity for agricultural purposes. Correlation and regression analysis index of sale prices of agricultural products by agricultural enterprises and the factors influencing it. Formulated the basic directions of further development of the agrarian sector of Ukraine.

  • Social development management of airlines in Ukraine

    Trans Motauto World, Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 2, pg(s) 70-73

    The purpose of this study is to determine the importance of influencing the effectiveness of social development management of airlines in Ukraine on the economic indicators of their economic activity. The study was conducted on the example of 10 Ukrainian airlines, whose financial statements are officially available during the analysed period of 2007-2017. The results of applying the statistical analysis method showed that spending on social activities, as an indicator of social development is the largest by volume and the best in the positive dynamics of the market leader, the UIA airline. However, the use of the method of analytical alignment to analyze the impact of spending on social activities of the analyzed Ukrainian airlines on the profitability of their sales showed that the strongest impact of the results of social development management on the efficiency of economic activity are in such airlines as Constanta, Artem-Avia, Kharkiv Airlines and Dniproavia. Consequently, the main hypothesis of the study on the average importance of the impact of spending on social activities as an indicator of the effectiveness of social development management on the economic performance of airlines in Ukraine was confirmed.

  • The growth of the role of institutions of culture and values in the information society and economy knowledge

    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 4 (2019), Issue 1, pg(s) 31-34

    The concept of a society of information is considered in the article. It is proved that the knowledge economy, the core of which is the creative economy, provides the formation of a knowledge society. The cultural industry, or creative economy, is considered as a new type of industry. The essence and peculiarities of the creative potential of a specialist are determined. Scientist’s philosophers in their observance allow to build the foundations of modern accolade system of the information society. Universal values as they develop and change in the history of mankind, created the basis for the survival of civilization. Values are concepts or beliefs, are ordered by relative probability. A feature of economic value is the combination, integration in the form of a complex subconscious judgments of aesthetic, moral, legal, political, religious, and existential values. Economic mentality must be considered as a significant element of the informal subsystem of the institutional structure of the national economy.


    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 12 (2018), Issue 9, pg(s) 367-370

    The concept of a society of knowledge is considered in the article. It is proved that the knowledge economy, the core of which is the creative economy, provides the formation of a knowledge society. Today, the cultural industry, or creative economy, is considered as a new type of industry. The essence and peculiarities of the creative potential of a specialist are determined. The forecast indicators of Ukraine’s creative potential development are presented. It is revealed that modern problems of economic development are connected with the intellectualization of labor, giving the highest priority to the processes of producing new knowledge. To achieve predictive indicators of intellectual and creative activity in Ukraine, it is necessary to fulfill certain tasks.


    Machines. Technologies. Materials., Vol. 12 (2018), Issue 8, pg(s) 309-312

    The article presents the structure of the aircraft repair industry in Ukraine. It is proved that the main customer of aircraft construction and aircraft repair enterprises are air carriers, which determine the demand for the services of aircraft repair enterprises. The features of aircraft repair enterprises and their economic and financial condition are considered. The problems, conditions and directions of development, as well as the prospects of the aircraft repair industry are clarified. The problems affecting the investment activity of the industry are identified. The investment directions for further development of aircraft repair enterprises are proposed.



    Industry 4.0, Vol. 3 (2018), Issue 2, pg(s) 97-100

    Information society is considered as a new stage in the human development, which is characterized by the dominance of information, information products, information technology and communications. The existence of interconnection of processes of globalization and informatization of social life are proved. The trends of information technology development and the main segments of the potential market of information technologies are determined. It is proposed to consider the use of information technologies as a complex of interrelated scientific, technological and engineering disciplines, that study the methods of efficient organization of labor engaged in the processing and preservation of information; computer techniques and methods for organization of their interaction with people and production equipment, and related social, economic and cultural issues. Virtualization has become the main trend that changes the IT infrastructure. The basic idea is to concentrate all resources of different physical systems in one large pool. As a result, there are various problems of information security, that should be taken into account. A number of business requirements that will increase demand and minimize costs to maintain the required level of service are proposed. The groups of factors that lead to an increase in economic benefits through the using of CALS-technologies are examined. The market of information infrastructure, dynamics of Ukraine’s ranking on the level of development of information and communication technologies in the world are analyzed. It is determined that today in the informationtelecommunication aspect Ukraine has no competitive advantages in international markets in comparison with developed countries. It is concluded about the main tendencies of the development of information and computer technologies and information and consulting services. The necessity of creating favorable conditions for the development of information and communication technologies in Ukraine is substantiated. This requires new approaches to the development of financial institutions that provide the accumulation and redistribution of financial resources for the implementation of effective structural changes. It is proposed to consider the fundamental economic strategy for the development of information and communication technologies in Ukraine not as a matter of public policy. Information and communication technologies should be transform into the subject of direct consumers’, producers’ and investors’ interests. The state should create certain principles and conditions, diversify organizational forms and attract non-traditional sources for innovation in the field of information and communication technologies. The advantages that Ukraine can get through accelerated innovative development of information and computer technologies are determined.



    Industry 4.0, Vol. 2 (2017), Issue 4, pg(s) 189-192

    Gradually in the world formed a unified information space. There is something that is called “global virtualization”. Author determines virtuality as a phenomenon, which represents the ability to generate creative reality. Virtual market is a market of goods and services that exists on the basis of telecommunication and information capabilities of the global Internet, basic elements of which are: free market access for all comers; equal rights and voluntary participation of all participants; the possible influence of participants on what is happening in the market. Under e-business, we understand the organization or person, in which basic business processes and internal and external communications are made and provided by electronic technology. Today it is not established neither theoretical nor methodological principles of virtual corporations as well as sufficient experience in their creation. The attention of practitioners devoted to the peculiarities of the creation of enterprises with the virtual principles of the organization. The study of trends in the development of the Internet and the possibilities of its application in economic activity also revealed that along with the structural and quantitative changes in this sphere occur the social and economic impacts of telecommunications development.


    Ecological and technogenic safety of the ecosystems of the agrarian sector of Ukraine

    Security & Future, Vol. 1 (2017), Issue 2, pg(s) 46-49

    The article substantiates the urgency of the eco-anthropogenic component of national security both of the state as a whole and of its regions. The types of interaction between society and the environment are determined. It is suggested to consider the ecosystem as a complex combination of flora, fauna and dynamics of natural systems and processes, which interacts with social institutions and power structures. The concept of environmental imbalance is formulated as a real threat to the disruption of life support mechanisms and the creation of obstacles to the economic and social development of the country, improving the quality of life of the population. The main threats to the technogenic security of the country are identified.



    Science. Business. Society., Vol. 1 (2016), Issue 2, pg(s) 40-43

    Author provides the definition of information society as a society in which economic development, social change, quality of life and social order depend on the knowledge and methods of information operation, and its expression can be characterized by certain criteria. The characteristics of scientific concepts of information society and economy development in institutional theory are considered. The scientific approaches to determining the nature of the information society, its processes and driving mechanisms are analyzed. The author pays special attention on informatization of Ukrainian society, defines a number of negative factors that operate today. It is concluded that Ukraine has become more sensitive to crises and instability. The measures to create organizational and legal mechanism for effective functioning and further development of the information society are determined.



    Innovations, Vol. 5 (2017), Issue 1, pg(s) 42-45

    The use of space information technologies (GIS) will optimize production through sustainable use of natural (land) resources, environmental protection and control of agricultural operations. Space information technologies are the basis for resource saving and ecological organic agriculture. The necessity of environmental monitoring to improve agricultural production using space information technologies of agricultural lands is defined. The values of GIS implementation are calculated. The main advantages provided by them are determined.



    Industry 4.0, Vol. 1 (2016), Issue 1, pg(s) 43-46

    Two approaches to a new factor of production – information – are defined. The modern system of factors of production and income, in which information is the only resource that can have unlimited number of participants of the global economy, is represented. It is proved that information activity has a number of features which distinguish it from other activities due to specific of new kind of social division of labor. The essence of the phenomenon of asymmetric information and information situations that arise during negotiations and making bargains is analyzed. Classification of information asymmetry on different criteria is proposed. Actions to prevent threats to information are proposed. It is determined that the availability of the information resources deficit can not be regarded as a question of it’s "non-participation" in global development. The statement of the problem under the new ideology of the current stage of globalization is the presence of fixing the problem, whose solution is the key element of forms, rates of entering the country in the new world structure.