The technological imperative and technological safety in the system of national security of the state

  • 1 National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine.


The basis of the technological security of the state is having its own economic and technological potential, the level of which should meet international standards and requirements of the time. Original position when you create a technological imperative for economic development of the state was that profitable the economy must be high tech due to the increase of production and competitive due to the constant renewal of technological assets. The technological imperative, first of all, for the choice of priority technologies. To process safety must include: scientific and technological, ecological and technological, production-technical and information-the knower of the sphere. The methodology of diagnostics of a condition of technological safety, should be based on the methodology of interdisciplinary analysis. The system of criteria of technological safety should include quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the resource, production and research capacity, competitiveness of products on world markets and the ability to withstand the negative influence. Today leaders of the world community is gradually becoming a state whose economy is not based on resource potential, and the use of the latest technologies in all sectors of the economy: from production to provision of services and control functions.