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One of the key concepts that expresses essential processes in techno-economic development is the technological way of production. The concept has been forming for a long time. The economic opportunities of the regions are differentiated due to the presence of different geographical, historical, demographic and other factors. The article identifies the author’s concept of “technological security of the region” and the main reason for the state’s technological security. The main provisions for the development of the concept of technological security strategy of the region are proposed. It is determined that the region’s technological security strategy is a long-term plan of action aimed at ensuring the technological interests of the region, finding and creating appropriate reserves to prevent, avoid and eliminate the risks, threats and threats to the development of the region. The mechanism of implementation of the technological security strategy of the region includes state regulators and market institutions, as well as their influence on the processes taking place in the innovation and technological sphere. It is proved that the main purpose of the mechanism of implementation of the technological security strategy of the region is to create conditions with ensuring a high level of technological security and with observance of social, labor and environmental standards for the population of the region. The priority tasks of scientific and technological support for the solution of technological security problems in the region is the innovative policy of both the state and the regions, on the development and application of high technologies, protection of intellectual property rights, creation of human resources of science and knowledge bases subject to state protection. The strategic directions of state regulation of the development of economic and technological potential of the region for ensuring its technological security have been determined.



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