Hong Kong’s innovative practices for better fire safety in tall buildings. Conclusions for Bulgaria

  • 1 Academy of Ministry of Interior, Sofia, Bulgaria


The information and ideas in this article are results of a six months PhD internship of the author Eng. Martin Ivanov in Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Fire Services Department in the field of fire safety in tall buildings in the second part of 2019. The main methods used in the paper are included observation and case studies. The reason for choosing this megalopolis for this internship was that in the world tall buildings database, developed by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Hong Kong is the world leader with the biggest number of skyscrapers over 150 m with 355 buildings (runner up by New York City with 284). Also only in Hong Kong are half of the Top 100 tallest residential buildings in the world, some of them over 200 m.
A short retrospection of the worst fires in tall buildings in the world history was made and therefore the importance of the problem was shown clearly.
Two innovative practices from Hong Kong for better fire safety environment in tall buildings were shown – refuge floors and sky bridges. The first option provides a safety and fire proof place in different levels of the tall building. The second option represents bridges in different levels between two tall buildings which provide an opportunity for evacuation direction not only downstairs, like in “normal situation” in case of fire, but also upstairs, using the sky bridge and then going downstairs and evacuation from the next tall building. Conclusions for Bulgarian fire safety requirements in the field of tall buildings were made.



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