Automated Vehicle Divert system for border police in Hungary

  • 1 National Laboratory for Security Technologies, National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary


National Laboratory for Security Technologies is a national research centre for integrated research and innovation programmes in the three pillars of technology-based security (institutional security, smart-city security and border security) for the period 2020-2024 in Hungary. Basic research concluded in the framework of the “Secure Country – Secure Border” sub-project has identified the need of new methods and equipment for police during the period of temporary reintroduction of border control at the Schengen internal borders. Persons and their vehicles belong to the risk category on the road sections leading to internal borders can be tracked, selected and diverted with the use of an Automated Vehicle Divert (AVD) system. In the longer term, the system will be linked to the concept of the “safe country” by the further development of an integrated software system for analysing data from CCTV camera systems operating at toll, speedand border crossing points throughout Hungary, based on the vehicle registration number and characteristics while driving, and its integration with the AVD system.



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