Model of the Whistleblower Protection System

  • 1 University fir Library Studies and Information Technologies


The construction of the system for the protection of whistleblowers is in accordance with the legal framework of the Republic of
Bulgaria and the EU Directive.
The report defines a multi-layered model of the protection system, including:
– Information on violations;
– Persons who granted protection:
– Obliged entities, including:
– Employers in the public and private sector;
– Institutions, bodies, services and agencies of the EU;
– European Commission.
Signaling channels, duties and functional interactions between the main elements of the model are structured. A mechanism for
synchronizing and controlling signal processing activities s presented. The model is a theoretical basis for the construction and functioning
of the whistleblower protection system.



  1. Law on the Protection of Persons Reporting or Publicly Disclosing Information on Violations, SG No. No. 11 of February 2, 2023
  2. Directive 2019/1937 (the so-called Whistleblower Directive)
  3. Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union of December 13, 2007

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