• 1 National Aviation University, Kyiv, Ukraine


Information society is considered as a new stage in the human development, which is characterized by the dominance of information, information products, information technology and communications. The existence of interconnection of processes of globalization and informatization of social life are proved. The trends of information technology development and the main segments of the potential market of information technologies are determined. It is proposed to consider the use of information technologies as a complex of interrelated scientific, technological and engineering disciplines, that study the methods of efficient organization of labor engaged in the processing and preservation of information; computer techniques and methods for organization of their interaction with people and production equipment, and related social, economic and cultural issues. Virtualization has become the main trend that changes the IT infrastructure. The basic idea is to concentrate all resources of different physical systems in one large pool. As a result, there are various problems of information security, that should be taken into account. A number of business requirements that will increase demand and minimize costs to maintain the required level of service are proposed. The groups of factors that lead to an increase in economic benefits through the using of CALS-technologies are examined. The market of information infrastructure, dynamics of Ukraine’s ranking on the level of development of information and communication technologies in the world are analyzed. It is determined that today in the informationtelecommunication aspect Ukraine has no competitive advantages in international markets in comparison with developed countries. It is concluded about the main tendencies of the development of information and computer technologies and information and consulting services. The necessity of creating favorable conditions for the development of information and communication technologies in Ukraine is substantiated. This requires new approaches to the development of financial institutions that provide the accumulation and redistribution of financial resources for the implementation of effective structural changes. It is proposed to consider the fundamental economic strategy for the development of information and communication technologies in Ukraine not as a matter of public policy. Information and communication technologies should be transform into the subject of direct consumers’, producers’ and investors’ interests. The state should create certain principles and conditions, diversify organizational forms and attract non-traditional sources for innovation in the field of information and communication technologies. The advantages that Ukraine can get through accelerated innovative development of information and computer technologies are determined.


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