Risk management in context of Industry 4.0

  • 1 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Technical University of Košice, Slovakia


Prevention 4.0 as part of the enterprise’s safety culture is developing HSE management system to address new challenges in prevention. Industry 4.0 anticipates new linkages between technology, man, and management systems to apply the most efficient IT systems to ensure the flexibility of the production process so that its output is a product that takes into consideration customer requirements. These changes include the existence of new types of risk due to the change of the position of man from the classical production centers to the area of superstructure activities, programmer, setter, maintainer, security technician for the digitization of production processes. Risk identification is based on defining the hazards and threats of a complex manufacturing system in the context of Safety and Security – Sa&Se, their formulation so that characteristic parameters can be efficiently digitized within the manufacturing process.



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