Smart residential house saving energy system

  • 1 Engineering Faculty, Mutah University, AlKark, Jordan
  • 2 Leeds University, U.K


The special design process of an efficient residential house energy saving energy system is presented in this work. The main objectives are to achieve major energy cost reductions, providing safe house and reliable service. Thus, the essentials tool of the system will focus on providing useful information for the user by continuous monitoring and recording of the consumption behaviour of the operating appliances, also will raise early alarms in case of fault detection by high temperature monitoring. The outcomes of monitoring and analyzing the real power demand of group of typical house appliances is then used as a case-study for proposing further tools such as consumption forecast, tariff comparing and scheduling tools. Rule based system was designed for efficient and reliable operation control of house energy system with distributed energy source and storage units. Lab-View software package is used for implementation of most of the proposed algorithms which have been tested by variation of possible operating conditions. The results have shown that 22.75% energy savings can be achieved by applying the proposed tools and control strategies on typical home appliances. Modification of the system is recommended to include wide range of consumer’s types such as industrial and commercial sectors and to include more than one type of distributed energy sources.



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