Estimation of the investment capacity of Ukrainians for studying in Europe

  • 1 Lviv Polytechnic National University, Lviv, Ukraine


The article is devoted to the study of the investment capacity of Ukrainian families – potential investors – to pay for educational and related (related to living abroad) services for children who seek to study at foreign universities. An indicator of investment educational ability is offered, which allows comparing the opportunities of Ukrainian individuals to cover foreign student expenses at the expense of wages. The calculations of the proposed indicator for the leading universities of Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ukraine are carried out. The research is carried out according to the proposed by the authors indicator of the comparison of annual expenses of students during the bachelor’s studies in a foreign university with the average annual salary of Ukrainian individuals. For entrants, first of all Ukrainian, this indicator will allow to orientate in the ratio of annual expenses and annual income.. For university leaders the proposed indicator can allow comparisons of the competitiveness of their higher education institutions, taking into account the solvency of Ukrainian consumers of educational services. For business and local governments in Central and Eastern Europe, this indicator can be useful in assessing the competitiveness of their territories in terms of attracting student youth. Student youth as well as local residents act as consumers of goods and services promote the development of local business and thus can be a source of filling local budgets. The article is a continuation of the publication of comparative studies on this topic.



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