Automated testing framework with browserstack integration


Nowadays ensuring high-quality software product requires a lot of testing efforts. Automated tests in the 21st century are a must. Whether it’s code peer-review, unit, integration, system or exploratory user testing – it all has to be done with given insurance and expertise! Therefore, we look to automate our testing where is conceivable. Most applications today have the equivalent of Web and Mobile versions for the same functionality, but different platforms of action in order to facilitate the users. Therefore, parallel testing of both subtypes is required to provide smooth maintenance and rapidity. Running as many builds as possible, including tests to ensure quality is essential when comes up to reliable software product and agile development. With the implementation of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools, we guarantee a better way to deploy automated tests across multiple instances and execute them against those environments. BrowserStack is one common cloud solution to these requirements. It is a very powerful tool, which can be attached to our development process. This article explores detailed approach on the automation of cross-browser, device and compatibility testing in BrowserStack platform, using a custom extended automation framework to provide direct configuration output to this environment and give ease in the future Web and Mobile development.



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