Building personal virtual private networks in public cloud platforms

  • 1 University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria


Virtual Private Networks (VPN) enable usage of the public Internet infrastructure to build se-cure and reliable connections providing functionally of private corporate IT networks. Back in 90s VPN were created to mainly allow access to corporate resources for employees who work remotely and/or travel. Today, VPN can be used to gain access to geographically isolated and highly protected Internet resources like websites, interactive platforms and more. Such VPN are good for protecting Internet users’ privacy and enhance their security especially when using public free Wi-Fi networks. Indeed, now VPN are used more and more and gain popularity for exactly those reasons – provide almost universal access and protect privacy of millions Internet users. This paper reviews building blocks and procedure to build our own VPN. This way power users are in full control of their privacy and security when using public Internet infrastructure while also gain access to otherwise restricted online resources.



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