Investigation of the general concept of the implementation of automation and digitalization tasks for production processes using innovative high-level solutions

  • 1 Department of “Automation and control” – “Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications named G. Daukeev, Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • 2 LLP «IT_Partners», Kazakhstan, Almaty


The main issues are considered in this topic: the main problems of the design and implementation of high-level systems for the automation of production processes are considered. As part of the digitalization of production, there is a need for the operational management of all enterprise processes at all levels of the system. The work highlights several recommendations for the development of integration of such systems. The research describes the interoperability of various systems of resource management, processes, laboratory, planning for obtaining quality products.



  1. Kopesbaeva A.A., Kim Y.S. Research and implementation of robust controllers for controlling objects with an unknown or incomplete mathematical model. “Vestnik AUES” of the Almaty University of Power Energy and Telecommunications, No. 2-25, 2014 p. 32-37.

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