Analysis of the Effective Factors for Hotel Selection by Using the Fuzzy AHP Method

  • 1 Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Transport Technology and Economics, Hungary1


The selection of accommodation plays a crucial role in tourist trips as an unsuitable choice might affect the tourists’ activities. Decision-making related to the choice of an optimal hotel is a complex process due to the variety of factors and tourist preferences. By applying the Fuzzy AHP (analytical hierarchy process) method, this study aims to overcome uncertainty and to support the tourists’ decisions to choose the optimum hotel on the website. The adopted criteria for optimal selection include hotel rating, hotel price, Wi-Fi availability, free parking, breakfast availability, and free cancellation service. The criteria are compared to stakeholder preferences and weighted by using the FAHP method. The results show that the hotel price is the most influential criterion in hotel selection, whereas the free cancellation criterion has the lowest impact.



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