Sequential development of integrated remote-control Smart Home/Office systems

  • 1 University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Bulgaria


An integrated smart home system for monitoring and management of the elements of the working environment or at home in Home Assistant platform and is integrated with a voice assistant (Google Assistant) has been developed. It allows monitoring and control of various parameters of the environment, determination of geolocation, tracking the state of the connected devices, provides ascertainment of conditions or constraints during the implementation of logical algorithms or actions, etc. The developed integrated system solves the problem of using various interface applications, communication protocols and standards by integration of all its elements in one Application Programming Interface (API) and simultaneously expanding its scope through integration with a voice assistant (Google Assistant). The development of a dataset of interoperable rules integrated in the Smart Home/Office system should be done function by function. This paper is directed toward the sequential development of integrated remote-control Smart Home/Office systems by adding additional functionality to the already developed integrated system.



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