Application of ergonomic software solutions in the concept of Industry 4.0

  • 1 Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies with a seat in Presov, Slovakia


Continuous development of technology brings daily improvements implemented in various processes, systems, machines, tools, or equipment. The development of these technologies is currently most often in the synergy of the Industry 4.0 strategy, which forms a solid foundation for modern industrial practice. In this continuously evolving environment of industrial practice, digital concepts for every manufacturing sector come to the fore. Part of every production sphere is the worker, the person forming part of the production process, who undoubtedly requires the same attention as the production system itself. The ergonomics industry deals with the issue of the humanization of technology in the workplace, where it is necessary to ensure the adaptation of the machine to humans and not by suitable working conditions. The presented article is focused on highlighting and describing the basic connections between the general principles of ergonomics, the principles of modern understanding of ergonomics in digital form, which is rapidly developing in the engineering industry in conjunction with Industry 4.0 strategy for practice. The conclusion of the article provides a general summary of the issue with the ideas of developing the concept of ergonomics software solutions in mechanical engineering. This article was supported by research grants VEGA 1/0431/21 and KEGA 004TUKE-4/2020.



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