The evolution of albedo values of the Earth-atmosphere system under the influence of carbon dioxide pollutant concentrations

  • 1 University ―Pr. Assen Zlatarov‖, Burgas Faculty of Real Sciences, Department of Physics and Mathematics


The current state of the unique atmosphere-Earth system is influenced both by the composition of constituent gases in the atmosphere and by the accumulation of polluting gases as a result of human anthropogenic activity. A number of scientific forums have found empirically that the anthropogenic accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere leads to a further increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere due to of the increasing of the green-house effect. The processes of photosynthesis consume amounts of carbon dioxide with the subsequent restoration of the necessary oxygen in the atmosphere. At the current stage, the situation is characterized by a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere due to of its great consumption for the burning of fuels used in various industrial fields. The result of the burning of fuels leads to excessive accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The deforestation processes of the terrestrial surfaces decrease the global process of photosynthesis and respectively the amount of oxygen decreases. Deforestation has another negative effect on the ecosystem in general, such as increasing the albedo values of the Earth’s surface. Ocean water also has albedo values that increase over time due to of the accumulation of carbon dioxide absorbed by ocean water. The albedo values are described by an empirical expression suggested in this study. This empirical expression is based on the heat calorimetric method which includes the amount of solar energy together with the energy supplement accumulated in the atmosphere due to of the anthropogenic activity as well as the thermal emission model of the Earth’s “absolutely black body”. as the result of the increase of the atmospheric temperature due to of the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the albedo values are calculated over time and their subsequent increase is ascertained. Finally, knowing the albedo values, the values of the effective temperature of the Earth’s surface are calculated which decreases over time. The linear decrease of the thermal emission energy is demonstrated depending on Earth’s albedo values. It is shown that the degree of darkness (dimming) of Earth depends on more and higher values of the infrared wavelength of the emitted thermal energy.



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