Forms of synergetic interaction between Industry 4.0 and regional tourism in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine

  • 1 National Institute for Strategic Studies, Kherson – Kyiv, Ukraine
  • 2 Kherson State University, Ukraine


In the context of large-scale and diverse forms of international assistance for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, it is necessary to identify and offer foreign partners a format to support tourism in our country, especially inbound one. A possible proposal is to develop an international program to encourage foreign tourists to come to Ukraine on special tours, which will be partially funded by donor countries. Combining domestic tourist flows with foreign flows of this type is possible through tourist events, especially festivals. In this format, the festival will have significant synergetic potential, as it will be a point of unification of tourist flows in time and space. The experience of international kite festivals as a special form of event tourism is researched. It allowed to summarize certain features of festivals as tourist events. Certain aspects and features proved the complexity of such phenomena as a tourist event, festival event, the complexity of their preparation and conduct, active interaction with socio-economic processes in the territory.



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