Sustainable hybrid energy production system

  • 1 Professor in Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc, PhD, M Sc Leeds University, U.K) Engineering Faculty /Mutah University / Jordan


Solar energy has a drawback when it works individually, because it could not produce electrical energy in rainy and cloudy seasons, and during the night time. Wind energy is not constant and it varies from zero to storm force. This means that wind turbines do not produce the same amount of electricity all the time. Therefore, the need to overcome these drawbacks could be by combining two energy resources so that any one source fails the other source will keep generating electricity. In this study, a designed prototype that combines two energy resources wind and solar energy will be constructed and tested. The design will supply the sustainable energy resources without damaging the nature and gives uninterrupted power. Also it works during day time and produce DC power by the solar PV cell which is stored in the battery bank through a hybrid controller, which maximizes charging current and prevents excessive discharge/overcharge. The Wind turbine generator will generate power when wind speed exceeds cut-in speed; wind power is also stored in the battery bank through hybrid controller. Energy stored in the battery is drawn by electrical loads through the inverter, which converts DC into AC power. The inverter has in-built protection for short-circuit, reverse polarity, low battery voltage and over load. The battery bank is sizing to feed loads up to five hours, during non-sun/wind days. The designed prototype has proved to work efficiently for a sustainable electricity supply for 24 hours, the results of this work give an incentive to proceed with building and using such sustainable power generation systems (hybrid) that have proven to be efficient and economically feasible to use for continuous energy generation which is suitable for urban, rural and isolated areas.



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